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William BISHIP Graves, born December 12, in Harrisonburg, VA, is an underground artist with much love and respect for music and this game. His drive and love of the craft, sets him apart from other artists and his goals and visions are like no other.


Kalyssa, born on March 28th, 1980 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Out of some of Kalyssa’s darkest moments comes her best work. Kalyssa uses any negative energy she encounters and turns it into positive, while creating powerful words and beautiful music.

Mike G

Born & Raised in Lubbock out of West Texas, Mike G has made a name for himself in the music and media scene. From appearing on Superbowl commercials to having face to face sit-downs with the likes of J-Prince inside #Rap-A-Lot records compound in Houston, Mike G strives for that next level in everything he does. Currently sitting at close to half a million streams worldwide across all platforms with his music, he is sitting on new material, with a few singles ready to be released to the world. “I never thought I’d be involved with this kind of stuff or doing music that people actually like. This new single i have crosses over into a different genre for me, reggaeton and dancehall. I wanted to do something different and new for me to challenge myself. And to give the ladies something to dance to in the clubs”…says Mike G.With a HUGE billboard that has his face and social media info and logos plastered across the front sitting in the heart of Lubbock right next to its famous Texas Tech University, Mike G and his brother from another mother #TripleO have staked their claim to their city with pride and fashion. “No one is doing that over here, at least when it comes to doing it for the music or radio things I got going. We are though, because we stand out”…says Mike G. Interviews with Mob Out CEO Biship Graves have taken place twice on Mike G’s show #ReelTalks, linking with people who are really out here doing it and working towards excellence is the only way u can grow in this industry! New single and video “Still I Write” by #MikeG and #TripleO out now everywhere!!!

NTG & Yung Draw

The “SpittaGang” Ntg and Yung draw are a hip hop couple from Philadelphia and Chester Pa. who began making music together in August of 2011. Their love of each other coupled with their love of music allowed them to click not only on a romantically but a creatively as well. The connection and passion these two share is undeniable and you can feel it in the music with songs ranging from relationships and politics, to social and economic issues. With a take no prisoner’s attitude, lyrical content and flow this couple has proven they will not be denied. As a team these two have performed with and or opened up for the likes of; Tone Trump, Kurtis Blow, Dj Too Tuff (The Tuff Crew), Cyhi the Prince (G.o.o.d. Music) and countless other local talent venues and or showcases. In 2013 this independent hip hop duo began their own Independent Label (Ntune Entertainment Group) in order to create the proper forum for the feel good music they love to make. Stayed tuned this power couple is definitely what hip hop needs now love, love, love. Ntg & Yung Draw are the future


Kuumba is from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He spent the majority of his time in Clarksville, TN. He began his music career at a young age. Kuumba performed with a group called The Burnaz under the artist name Kream. After spending some time with the Burnaz he also was a member of the group Top Souljaz. After being incarcerated for some years, he later married and has three children and now goes by his Rastafarian name Malik Kuumba (meaning King Creation). Kuumba often collaborates with other artists and is currently working with MPulse on a collab album, has completed remixes with JayJ Harley and Ethan Mac and look for Ion Know You featuring thisiski@war entertainment on the new album. Kuumba co-owns InI Peace N Love, LLC along with Dyron Yokley and Mariah Grooms. InI is an organization that targets helping families with incarcerated loved ones, beautifying low-income neighborhoods, grade incentives for youth, haircuts for underprivileged individuals, and multiple community outreach programs. Kuumba is an artist and owns the brand Allways T.O.Y. which produces custom artwork, t-shirts, cards, and designs.

Triple O

Whats up world, my name is Ricardo Molina aka Triple O, I’m a rap artist born and raised in West Texas. I was born in Littlefield, TX and as a child moved to Lubbock, TX. At the age of 18, I was about to have my son and was inspired by my homie Trip Gotti to start writing. I started writing and formed a group called Shades of Grey (SOG) with some homies and eventually changed the name to Notorious Goodfellas. I was incarcerated while working on our first album but was still featured on Trip Gotti’s Consequenses and Repurcussions album as well as Notorious Goodfellas 24/7 album before being re-incarcerated. In 2004 I was released on parole and started recording mixtapes and linked up with my brothers Money Mike and Mike G. In 2016 I released my first album The Demo on all digital platforms. I wanted The Demo to grab people and introduce them to Triple O. I came back in 2018 with Restore Order which went more into depth and had more raw rhymes. In 2020 I released my latest album RAW available on all digital platforms. I’ve had the opportunity to be able to go to SXSW twice most recently this year. Both times have been a learning experience and being able to link up and network with so many diverse artists is a plus as well. I have some new dope features with K-Rino, GT Garza, and Trouble Loc as well as a collab album with my bro Mike G coming soon. I have over 118,000 streams on Spotify and 30,000 on Youtube. You can find me on all social media and streaming platforms under TripleO and our other pages Molina Entertainment and TheRealMikeGMusik, Check out our pages for all the latest music, videos, and updates. Thanks for listening!


Dj Sean Swift. Born and raised in Athens, Ga., Live here in Atlanta, Ga. since 1991, 20yrs on the turntables. Got my start in radio, Legendary Johnny’O of the Nervedjs with MixShows and Mixtapes every Monday night and then from Legendary MC and Radio CEO John Grant (Uncle Boogie), of Power104.9fm,WTSX, along side DJ BigO317,(Kokomo,Ind),to 103.7DaBeat, to Hot97Media, with Dj Polorush, Djpsy2ko,,, http://www.heatdj, http://www.WerocxR920 .Now you can catch me on my own internet station I’m listening to S.Swift Radio on Live365. Listen here:

DJ Chemo

Dj Chemo is a musician, producer, dj  and songwriter that has been in the music business for over 30 years.  He began playing drums at an early age and soon after started picking up  other instruments such as guitar, bass, piano and multiple percussion  instruments. Eventually, Chemo decided to add turntables to his list of  instruments played. He went on to study music production, sound  engineering and music theory at Berklee College of Music. Since then he  has made mixtapes such as Dirty South Park, The Official Lowrider  Magazine 30th Anniversary Mixtape, Chemo’s Therapy, The Rollercoaster  series and so many more. He has performed with artists such as Fatman  Scoop, Keith Murray, Lil Jon, Scratch(from The Roots), Dj Jam(Snoop  Dogg, Dr Dre), Camp Lo, Dj Epps(G-unit), Ward 21, Redman, Methodman and  many others. He has also either dj’d or been the master of ceremonies at  many events such as Rock am Ring, the Splash festival, Turkish National  Talent Contest and other major European Festivals. He’ s produced and  released over 100 songs on the C-Saw Records label and many more  elsewhere for other artists. Dj  Chemo has done radio shows and had regular guest spots on stations such  as BLB Radio, Radio 99, Radio X, Big Fm, Antennewest and Planet Radio.  Stay tuned for more.

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