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Gibson Glover Lethal Weapon 83


Lethal Weapon 83 Front Cover

Lethal Weapon 83 Back Cover

Lethal Weapon 83 Back Cover

Gibson Glover Bio

Gibson Glover is the rap duo made up of Euro P and Raw-Key The Icon out of K-Town Germany.  Euro P comes from SC/NYC.  Found his way to Germany in 96 and the love of hip hop grew stronger.  K-Town Germany has one of the biggest loves for Real Hip Hop Music.  Underground/BoomBap/Graffitti and Records Scratchin/Heavy Flowing/B-Boyin Real Love of Hip Hop.  For Euro P it only made it stronger and start connecting with various K-Town artist who in the end started GND…(a coalition of K-Towns finest Mcz and producers).  From there Euro P formed his first group Drastic Measures which later created in itself Muddy Trenchez.  Now Euro P is a solo/independent artist still keepin it real with his old school roots and setting new foundation with GnG.
Raw-Key the Icon was born in NC but came to Germany at 1 year old.  Growing up in Germany you are introduced to a wide selection of music.  Hip Hop just happened to become one of the top.  Being from the same group of friends as Euro P its no wonder why GnG has such a genuine hunger for Real Hip Hop.  Raw-Key the Icon started out with the Street Advocates in 04 which was also under the GND camp.  Which in the end resulted in Euro P and Raw-Key the Icon forming into a lethal weapon duo.  Gibson Glover has rocked venues and have an absolute lust for the stage.  Opening for artist such as Method Man/Heltah Skeltah/Devin the Dude/Fler/Nyze/Afu-Ra to name a few and  also have collabed on songs with 3rd Digala (wu-affiliate) on DSV1/DSV2 which was hosted by 106 and park legendary MegaTron (RIP)…Dj Young Carveli (Shadyville Djs)…Wowski (C-Saw Records duo outta Kingston, Jamaica) and Nyze Air from ErsGuterJunger…and of course Coast2Coast Mixtape Dj and official MTV artist Dj Chemo.  Be on the look out for a lot of projects coming from Gibson Glover produced by 83Sound/GNN/DIGEM/DJCHEMO!

Gibson Glover Tonight Video

Gibson Glover MFKR Video

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Euro P aka Young Prophet Facebook Page

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Raw-Key The Icon and Euro P

Raw-Key The Icon and Euro P

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